Data Smarter.
Not Harder.

We organize your company’s data so you can trust AI to help you make faster, more profitable decisions.

Get to quality, trusted AI... faster.

Your data infrastructure has likely been patched together over the years, leaving any analysis feeling more like a liability than an asset. To compete in today’s market, you need data you can trust. Our tools and expertise help you to de-risk your organization’s data landscape to enable trusted AI models and ML solutions to make informed decisions that will launch your business forward, faster.

Set your people free from data drudgery.🔥

More than 80% of an analyst’s time is spent finding and cleaning data from disparate warehouses. AbeaData transforms this labor-intensive process by bringing all of your analytic data into one uniform and flexible home, liberating your team to focus on new, trusted ML and AI models, insights and predictive analysis. 

Our Approach Gives Our Clients More Than Just Tech.😎

Get 3 - 7x ROI on your data initiatives

Increase data security and compliance while lowering operating costs

Embed automated security, quality and access controls into your analytic data sets

Rapidly incorporate scalable AI into your data management

Reduce data discovery and clean up from days to seconds

Eliminate silos of data by storing and organizing analytic data product

Access a dynamic (active) unified view of data products across your company

Scale data products up or down to balance efficiency and cost savings

A human feedback loop addresses changing context and needs over time

Integrate with your existing architecture, letting your team to work with the tools they know and love

We Believe In

Getting ROI Fast

We focus on starting your journey to data modernization via projects that deliver meaningful business results quickly, gaining buy in for future growth.

Empowering Your People

We automate redundant, error-inducing tasks throughout the data product lifecycle to free your people from data drudgery.

Propelling Business Growth

We make data work for the businesses, rather than the opposite.

Ensuring Scalability

We deliver value-packed components quickly that are designed to connect and grow.

Eliminating Complexity

We are engineering nerds that understand business, and we speak in plain language, demystifying data solutions while eliminating silos in the process.

Sharing What We Learn

The rising tide raises all boats, thus we believe in open-source, education and sharing knowledge.

Our Industry Experience

Meet Our Leadership Team

Kim Thies


Business Visionary. Team Builder. Activator. Adventure-seeker. Wanderlust. Ally. Bourbon Snob. 25 Years in the Business.


Business transformation, executive consulting, business case development, public speaking, data as a product, organizational change


Healthcare, Finance, Logistics, Distribution, Retail, Education, Public Sector


GSK, ACA, Reckitt Benckiser, Indivior, PayPal, Owens & Minor, Royal Bank of Scotland, Citizens Bank,  Anthem/Wellpoint, Landstar

Jean-Georges “jg” Perrin


Innovator. Data Nerd. Technologist. Early Adopter. Relentless Learner. Teacher. AI Advocate. Lifetime IBM Champion. Painfully French. 30 Years in the Business. 


Advanced automation, data contracts, data products, enterprise architecture, data mesh, data fabric


Healthcare, Finance, Retail, Tech


PayPal, Advance Auto Parts, Ministère de l’Intérieur, GreenIvory, Lumeris

Todd Nemanich


Veteran Builder. Insatiably curious. Automation Obsessed. Father of Teens for the Next 15 Years. 25 Years in the Business. 


Automation, DataOps, software engineering, data engineering, microservices, reliability engineering, API development


Healthcare, Finance, Logistics, Public Sector


GSK, ACA, Southern Trust Mortgage, VA Department of Health, Bay Mountain

What’s In A Name?

Like pollen, data comes from a variety of sources and in certain seasons can become messy and hard to manage. But bees seem to understand how to collect it, organize it, and turn it into something incredible. Each cell in a honeycomb is part of a larger collective solution, built to standards that are inherent to the hive’s needs. These remarkable little creatures are the inspiration for our namesake (Abeja means ‘bee’), doing with pollen what we do with data.

Introducing our Software Solution, Satja

The journey to data trustworthiness doesn’t have to be hard.

Satja provides a dynamic, unified view of data products across your company, setting your people free from data drudgery by making your data discoverable, trustworthy and understandable while embedding and automating governance, security and access best practices, along with a human feedback throughout every step of data lifecycle management. In homage to our namesake, Satja was named after a honeycomb, thanks to the product’s efficiency, strength, engineered structure, optimal storage and ability to achieve flow thanks to the small size of each cell (or data product).

Let’s Connect And Prepare Your Data For AI.