AbeaData Announces Executive Team that will Drive a Data Revolution

AbeaData is helping organizations de-risk their data landscape rapidly, expediting time to market for AI models and ML solutions, and powering informed insights companies can trust.

Richmond, VA, USA – True to their nature of being pioneers in the software and data industries, AbeaData Inc. (founded in August 2023) has already developed the first of many scalable data solutions that will help companies around the world de-risk their data landscape.

Most data infrastructures in today’s businesses are patched together from a variety of resources that bring data together, but doesn’t go the next step in automating quality and security controls, integrating access or organizing it for modeling consumption. Many tools are available to help with any one of these problems, but only AbeaData has created a better way to bring data together in a trusted, business-context-informed structure that integrates with existing tech stacks. AbeaData makes data work for the business, rather than the opposite.

“In the golden age of AI, data as a critical business asset that must be trustworthy, accessible (yet controlled) and understandable. The recognition of a gap in modern data engineering to address this need gave birth to AbeaData in 2023,” said Kimberly Thies, AbeaData President. “With the development of our first product (Satja) in 2024, the Board recognized the need to hire an Executive Team that will empower our global team of developers and drive company growth.”

About the AbeaData Executive Team

Kimberly Thies, Chief Executive Officer

Kim joins AbeaData as the Chief Executive Officer, responsible for leading strategy, culture, and growth of the US-founded company.  She brings with her over 25 years of experience in strategic planning that results in delivery of transformational change spanning start-ups through some of the world’s largest companies. Kim is passionate about sharing her insights and learnings through frequent public speaking engagements, webinars, podcasts, and writing. She is a collaborative leader with a flair for entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology. Outside of work, Kim enjoys sharing global travel experiences with her family, time with her pets and tinkering with home improvement and yard work.

Jean-Georges Perrin, Chief Innovation Officer

Jean-Georges “jgp” joins AbeaData to innovate new ways to access and deliver quality, trusted data. He is chair of the Open Data Contract Standard (ODCS) at the Linux Foundation project Bitol, co-founder and past president of AIDA User Group, and is a Lifetime IBM Champion. JGP is passionate about software engineering and all things data, with a focus on data engineering, data governance, industrialization of data science, and Data Mesh. He is a frequent presenter and participant at global conferences, as well as an avid author of multiple books including Implementing Data Mesh (O’Reilly) and Spark in Action, 2nd edition (Manning), as well as his blog. When he’s not busy being ‘the Beyoncé of Data Mesh’, Jean-Georges enjoys exploring Upstate New York and New England with his wife and kids.

Todd Nemanich, Chief Technology Officer

Todd joins AbeaData with a focus on building innovative and modern data tooling. A serial entrepreneur, Todd has spent the last two decades honing his skill sets in building and growing thriving engineering organizations that deliver data-focused, modern stack solutions. His expertise spans service development, DevOps, and data engineering solutions designed for diverse industries including life sciences, public sector and finance. Todd’s approach focuses on bringing together these capabilities to deliver holistic tooling that simplifies data management. He is an avid scuba diver, complete beer snob, and enjoys hiking and camping with his family.


The newly appointed executives join our international team on our journey to revolutionize data management through our products and strategic services.


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